Warren Linds



warren-lindsDr. Linds has been a full-time faculty member at Concordia since August, 2004. Before beginning his graduate studies at the University of British Columbia in 1996, he spent 17 years working in international development education. Dr. Linds also worked for 6 years in community television, radio and newspapers in Vancouver and Newfoundland. He has had extensive experience in popular theatre and community development. This background has been critical to his teaching approach where he brings practical experiences and theoretical approaches together. Dr. Linds has published in the areas of group facilitation, anti-oppression and anti-racism pedagogy, the fostering of youth leadership, and alternative and arts-based approaches to qualitative research and documentation. He has presented at both national and international conferences in education, critical pedagogy, popular theatre and complexity theory.

What is it about this project that excites and inspires you?

Seeing the transformations while working with the youth, and being surprised all the time as to what happens. It’s like tossing a stone into a pool of water and enjoying the ripples.

What is your favourite game to play in the workshops and why?

Hypnosis – I like the intensity and the focus.

What other exciting and inspiring projects are you working on right now?

Exploring the dynamic of Workshop with my friend and colleague Tony Gee.

If you weren’t in your current position, what fun career would you be acting out in?

Acting and directing plays

Running a Themed Film Series.

Playing competitive Tennis (one can only hope)

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