La Ronge 3-Day Theatre Workshop

This workshop is put on by: Lacey Eninew; Dr. Linda Goulet and Dr. Jo-Ann Episkenew; Dr. Warren Linds; and Dr. Janice Victor.

The workshop used drama games to examine what healthy relationships are, how they affect their wellbeing, and what to do to have healthier relationships. They asked students who are interested to make a commitment to attend the full three days of the workshop. The workshop also developed creative expression, leadership, and decision-making skills to improve by sharing their experiences and examining issues in a safe environment. They explored positive ways to deal with health issues facing Aboriginal youth, some of which may be building friendships, supporting others through hard times, or feeling good about themselves. Workshops previously held with students have been very successful.

Most of the workshop will be drama-based with lots of games to help you look at different issues affecting relationships and your wellbeing. You will identify the issues that affect you and your community and come up with different ways to portray those experiences. The workshop leaders guided students through the activities and discussions.

At the end of the first and last days of the workshop, students were asked to share their thoughts, if they choose to, in an interview with one of the facilitators.



Kids participating in activities


Dustin Brass engaging with the kids through ice breaking activities.


Dustin Brass engaging the kids at the 3-day Theatre Workshop in La Ronge














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