Erin Goodpipe

Erin GoodpipeErin Goodpipe is a proud member of Standing Buffalo Dakota Nation. Born in Vancouver, British Columbia, she has lived across western Canada and now finds home closer to her roots in Regina, Saskatchewan. Currently she attends classes at the University of Regina with a major of anthropology in the faculty of Arts. You can find her amongst the throng in the Aboriginal Student Centre where she assists in the development of the nitôncipâmin omâ, first year student success program for aboriginal students or brainstorming ideas in her position of student affairs on the Indigenous Students Association. Coupling her on campus endeavours with her research assistant position at IPHRC, she hopes to empower aboriginal people to promote culture, pride and a healthy lifestyle. If you want to find her she will be on the fifth floor of the Dr. John Archer Library diligently reading ethnographies whilst writing letters to her six younger siblings.