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File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council



We don’t do the research ourselves, we get information from our community partners.

File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council Health Services is one of the community partners for this research project. File Hills Qu’Appelle Tribal Council is a strong vibrant organization evolving to assist, enhance and promote First Nations entities and its people, based on the spirit and intent of their Treaties.

They are committed to being a leader and an advocate for the delivery of quality services for the sustainability, self-sufficiency and autonomy of their First Nations membership. They are a non-profit organization providing a variety of service delivery programs to First Nations which include Carry the  Kettle, Little Black Bear, Muscowpetung, Nekaneet, Okanese, Pasqua, Peepeekisis, Piapot, Standing Buffalo, Star Blanket and Wood Mountain First Nations.

Youth from File Hills Qu'Appelle having fun in a workshop exercise at last year's arts-based tipi camp.

Youth from File Hills Qu’Appelle having fun in a workshop exercise at last year’s arts-based tipi camp.

The mission of the FHQ Tribal Council First Nations Health Services Program is to assist in the development of healthy and safe communities by enhancing and complimenting the client services currently being delivered to First Nations of FHQ Tribal Council in a culturally respectful and professional manner.


Lac La Ronge Indian Band


From 2011-2016, Acting Out  partnered with Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) which is located 241 km north of Prince Albert in north-central Saskatchewan. A cool fact that LLRIB is the largest First Nation in Saskatchewan and one of the 10 largest in Canada.

The LLRIB education board agreed to partner with the Acting Out! But In A Good Way research project with the Senator Myles Venne School (formerly called Kitsaki School).

The LLRIB vision consists of four goals: culture, values, skills and pride. Their educational activities reflects the Woodland Cree culture and language integrates into the provincial curricula to provide the educational foundation from which the individual student can learn to live successfully and happily in any society.

Youth in Lac La Ronge participating in a workshop exercise facilitated by Dustin Brass.

Youth in Lac La Ronge participating in a workshop exercise facilitated by Dustin Brass.

As part of their mission, LLRIB is committed to develop the whole student through a safe, structured, caring and cooperative environment in association with elders, parents, and the whole community to provide a quality education.

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